Bobby Seeger Jr. first met Larry in the mid 90's and enjoyed hanging out and shooting the shit. Later, in 2002 Bobby and his wife Elisa became partners with Larry and helped with everything behind the scenes, from marketing to traveling to shows. Almost 10 years after Larry's passing Bobby has kept the shop going through the ups and downs of the industry. Bobby works in the garage and does a lot of traveling to different motorcycle events. He works hard at playing nicely with others and we spend lots of time in the shop asking “Where's Bobby?" as he seems to disappear quite often.


 Elisa Seeger first met Indian Larry at his 2000 wedding to Bambi the Mermaid in Coney Island. Just 2 short years later she AND Bobby became partners with Larry and Elisa helped him do all the "business" stuff Larry hated. For a little over 2 years they spent almost everyday together traveling the country until the horrible accident that took his life on August 30, 2004 in Concord, NC. Today, Elisa and Bobby have continued Larry's legacy by building a small number of bikes each year, creating new parts and apparel keeping true to Larry's vision.


 John started painting in 1983. He was inspired by watching his father mess around with a striping brush and an air-brush.  After spending sometime in the auto-body industry, in 1994 John got involved with motorcycles. By 1998, it became a full-time gig. John works hard each day, to play nicely with others. John can be reached at:



Danielle Ives was born and raised in Brooklyn. She runs logistics, helps coordinate shop events and all around customer service for Indian Larry. She also provides great banter! You can reach this feisty local at:




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