Grease Monkey BP Recap - Cycle Source Feature Recap


Another year conquered and a more successful one at our feet. 2017 has been a roller-coaster with the highs enough to knock you right back down to earth. Through it all, we at Indian Larry Motorcycles never missed an opportunity to party and share our love and passion for Motorcycles with the thousands of fans who continue to support and carry us into each new year stronger than the last. No party is a better representation of that than our annual Grease Monkey Block Party. What better time to reflect on the fun we’ve had celebrating with a feature in Cycle Source magazine recapping the events. It’s cold as hell outside so let’s remember some warm memories.  

September was a great month. Our first 9/11 memorial after party to benefit Forest Hills Volunteers Ambulance Corps kicked off the moth. Honoring the brave men and women who risked everything for our safety. Followed by the Pre-Block Party Party. Set up went smoother than previous years and all hands were on deck to make this the one for the record books and it was!  

You name it, we had it. Picture a completely blocked off NY Block with sidewalks covered with vendors, artists, unique merch you wouldn’t find at your local Walmart. In the middle a beautiful long line of bikes on display. All cleaned and detailed, ready for the bike competition later that day. Their owners causally pacing the rows admiring the hard work of fellow competitors. Smoke from the nearby BBQ station set up right in front of the IL loading dock consumed you. Like a fog lifted our a sea of faces. The showroom blasted classic rock as patrons grabbed every sale item. Which wasn’t hard with a store wide sale of $25 tees and hats!  

Peeking thru the window of the showroom gave you a glimpse into the infamous garage where free tattoo stations were set up t first come first serve. Round back in the IL yard more music and a pig roast welcomed anyone (21 or older) with flowing beer taps and generous pours of mixed drinks. The attention to detail was ours this year with customized drink coins cutting down wait time and ensuring everyone got exactly want the wanted.

Back outside bands like Judas Priestess, Ice Cold Killers and Ten Ton Mojo to name a few blasted tune after tune. Exciting the crowd that came in from literally all over the world for this event. Thousands of people flooding in and around the showroom, garage and streets. Burnouts down the block put on a show for anyone who would watch. Camera happy folks in awe at the party of the year. All day and all night. No breaks and pure energy.  

The night ended around midnight with a live DJ set, more drinks, more laughter, and more food.  

Not bad right? If you missed this party, please consider coming by this coming September for some more fun and new memories. Out of town? Book your flights now! Or gear up for that cross country trip. Around the area? Nothing is stopping you from getting your friends and family together for the party of the year. The only thing you’ll regret is not going!