Handmade with no short cuts. Indian Larry Motorcycles stands as the leading custom bike manufacturer. Attention to detail, quality materials and master craftsmanship are our claim to fame. We have stayed true to Larry's mission and continue to honor his talents in every single build. In addition to our handmade parts line, our popular stylish tees and eye catching accessories we are firstly a custom bike shop. 
Our one off bikes are unique in build and feel. We craft each bike specific to its owner with pure passion in each aspect of the build. All Indian Larry builds are from the ground up and are designed to fit you and your style. Call in today and schedule a meeting with the crew to discuss your next build and watch heads turn as you ride away on beautiful piece of art built by one of the most known, respected and iconic names in motorcycle history. 
Build time is normally 3 - 4 months. Deposit is required to begin builds. Call (718) 609-9184 with any questions and for general information.