Indian Larry Motorcycles Grease Monkey Block Party 2023. September 16, Brooklyn, New York

20th Annual Indian Larry Grease Monkey Block Party

Date: Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023

Location: 70 N 15th St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Time: Noon 'Til We Tell You To Leave


Grease Monkey Block Party

Mark your calendar for the 20th Annual Indian Larry Block Party! Each year, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts come out to Brooklyn to celebrate Larry's legacy and enjoy stunt riders, a motorcycle and art showcase, live music, vendors, barbecue, and much more. 

The History of the Block Party

The first block party was held in 2004 as a “thank you” from Indian Larry and his crew to their customers and friends. Larry’s untimely death later that year brought forth customers and friends once again for a memorial block party in front of Larry’s shop in Brooklyn. But each party held after that was, instead of a memorial, a celebration and, of course, another way to honor his memory and his unique and stunning craftsmanship.